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From an early age, Dr. Sims felt a calling to study the healing arts.  He feels that it is his mission to help as many people as possible find help for their lost health where they previously have been unsuccessful or have not been able to achieve lasting results.  Additionally,  it is his desire to help those with good health  to achieve their highest possible level of vitality and be purposeful contributors to community.


He has been in practice for over 20 years and has achieved multiple degrees and certifications in his specialty fields of clinical practice.


He has been married to the "love of his life" for over 25 years and has three amazing boys to share his dreams for a healthier way of living.

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Relying on over 4000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as the latest in functional neurologic and metabolic science, our treatment methods produce outstanding and often "amazing" clinical results.

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Dr. Sims looks forward to meeting you personally and working with you to maximize your God-given potential! From chiropractic services and acupuncture to functional nutrition and testing, our licensed team can give you the results you have been searching for.

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Dr. Sims' post-graduate education led him to both neurological and nutritional specialties, as well as the incorporation of Traditional Chinese Medicine into his practice.


By using this revolutionary approach to health care, Dr. Sims and Northview Wellness Center have found answers for tough, chronic conditions like peripheral neuropathy, chronic knee pain, and other similar issues.

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